EAC Declaration and EAC Certificate

The most common certificates of conformity for placing a product on one of the customs union territories are the EAC Declaration and the EAC Certificate. However, there are profound differences between the two certification regimes, therefore it is essential to understand whether a product is subject to an EAC Declaration or an EAC Certificate by checking the product classification, the applicable Technical Regulation, the intended use and the Customs Code. 

Both certificates of conformity are registered in the public register of the Federal Accreditation Service and can be issued for a single shipment or serial with a validity of up to a maximum of 5 years.

Both EAC Certification of conformity can be and registered only upon request of a qualified subject under Russian law. The Italian manufacturer without a registered office in Russia must appoint, with a specific mandate contract, his own Representative (called Applicant or Manufacturer's Representative) to take his place on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Unlike the EAC Declaration of Conformity, the EAC Certificate of Conformity require an inspection visit at the manufacturer's production site. The process for issuing the EAC Certificate is also generally more complex than issuing the EAC Declaration of Conformity.

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