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Welcome to ENGAL Services NewsRoom, an information source that gives space to the world of Product Certifications. Stay up to date on the news regarding the certification proceduresregulatory updates, news on interpretative trends of the technical requirements and the problems encountered in the field of Conformity and Certification to sell clothing, products for children, footwear, toys, furniture, cosmetics and food products in Eurasian Union ( Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia).


The Authorized Representative ​for EAC Declarations

New Rules for CBs and EAC Certification

Cargo Customs Declaration of Samples CCD

New Customs Procedures for Export to Russia and EAEU

Download the EAC Logo

Minimum Required Sizes and Download Files for Russian and EAEU Marking

Clothing for Children Seized in Russia

Three Thousand Units of Clothing Withdrawn from the Market

Furniture Certification for Russia and EAEU

Requirements for Mandatory Labeling

Cloths and Shoes Certification

Sampling and Laboratory Testing

Inspection and Confiscation in Russia

Seizures of Shoes, Clothing and Toys for Children at points of sale

EAC Declaration and EAC Certificate

The Attestations of Conformity Required to Export goods in Russia and EAEU

Exemption Letter to EAC Certification

Compliance Attestation for Used Products and Spare Parts

From GOST to EAC Certification

Evolution of Certifications for Export in Russia and EAEU
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