Industrial equipments manufactured or imported in Europe must respect European product Directives. The main Directive that governs the safety of industrial equipment is the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC according to which the CE marking can be affixed. The manufacturer must design the machinery in compliance with the technical safety requirements of the applicable Directives and provide appropriate documentation to demonstrate CE conformity; specifically, it must produce:
  • Technical file to demonstrate the conformity of the machinery with the essential safety requirements and conformity assessment procedures required by the applicable Directive
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • CE Mark
We assist manufacturers and importers in the entire conformity assessment of machinery, determining the applicable essential safety and health requirements and compiling and verifying the technical file. We provide concrete and viable solutions regarding the most complex safety issues, the compliance of machinery and risk management. With our multidisciplinary team of professionals, we assist companies to apply best manufacturing practice to improve and optimize the availability and productivity of their machinery worldwide. A correct organizational and procedural approach of EU and Extra UE legislative and technical regulatory requirements compliance allows the manufacturer to:
  • Identify any contractual, documental and procedural non-conformities with respect to specific national and international laws
  • Preventing conflicts related to the conformity and the safety aspects of industrial machinery and products that could be advanced by the final customer or by the competent Authority for market surveillance
  • Sell a machinery which is in compliance with the enforced law and technical standards

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