Russia Consumer Goods

Within the Eurasian Economic Union there are specific requirements for consumer and industrial products. Consumer goods must have EAC Certification and EAC marking to be exported in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. The EAC Certification has progressively replaced the Gost-R mandatory Certification in Russia or Gost-K in Kazakhstan. However, some products still fall under the Gost mandatory certification, but the process has been updated.
Depending on the type of products, one or more EAC Certificates or EAC Declarations may be required. The  applicable Technical Regulation, the Customs Code of the product and its technical characteristics determine the EAC certification procedure needed. The main Technical Regulation applicable to consumer goods are:
  • TR CU 004/2011 "On the safety of low voltage equipment"
  • TR CU 005/2011 "On packaging safety"
  • TR CU 007/2011 "On the safety of products intended for children and adolescents"
  • TR CU 008/2011 "On the safety of toys"
  • TR CU 009/2011 "On the safety of cosmetics and perfumes"
  • TR CU 015/2011 "On wheat safety"
  • TR CU 017/2011 "On the safety of light industry products"
  • TR CU 020/2011 "On electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices"
  • TR CU 021/2011 "On food safety"
  • TR CU 022/2011 "On marking requirements for food"
  • TR CU 023/2011 "On fruits juices and vegetables"
  • TR CU 024/2011 "On products made of animal and vegetable oils and fats"
  • TR CU 025/2012 "On safety of furniture"
  • TR CU 027/2012 "On diet foods, including dietary foods for special medical purposes"
  • TR CU 029/2012 "On safety of food additives, flavorings and technological coadjuvant"
  • TR CU 033/2013 "On safety of milk and dairy products"
  • TR CU 034/2013 "On safety of meat and meat products"
  • TR CU 037/2013 "Limit of use of hazardous substances in electrical and radio technical products"
  • TR CU 040/2016 "On safety of fish and seafood"

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