Legal Assistance

We provide legal support for the corporate management of product compliance, through the qualified and specialist skills of our lawyers.

Industrial machinery and products

To sell worldwide you need a perfect knowledge of the market, customs and Certification in order to prevent disputes and customs blockages. Our services include:
  • Consulting and assistance in product certification operations, in the identification, assessment and management of risks that may arise for the company from the violation of national al international sales laws.
  • Legal and technical compliance audit.
  • Drafting and revisions of product documentation and technical manuals.
  • Support in export procedures and products marking (CE, EAC, NR 12, etc.).

Corporate and manufacturer responsibility

Our professionals support companies in business management of product compliance for national and international markets. Our services include:
  • Audit on how to build and release the product in relation to the relevant directives and/or technical legislation in force in the country of destination (EU, Russia, Brazil, China, Australia and New Zealand, etc.).
  • Drafting of operational and organizational procedures relating to the correct management of product compliance and its placing on the market to avoid customs problems and disputes by the end customer.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for the health and safety of operators/users.
  • Definition of procedures to regulate relations with suppliers and sub-suppliers.
  • Analysis, drafting or support for contractual and purchase specifications from suppliers and/or sub-suppliers to regulate the supply by determining the technical standards that must be met and the documentation (mandatory and optional) that the supplier must deliver together with the machine or product.
  • Identification and management of the correct method of acceptance of the machines or products purchased.

Insurance policies for RC products

The construction and sale worldwide of a defective product could expose the manufacturer to the risk of having to compensate the damages and to incur in substantial costs. For this reason, it is essential that the companies that directly manufacture finished products and/or product components: 
  • Carefully evaluate the risks deriving from the various production and sales phases in order to adopt a specific plan to prevent product defects.
  • Stipulate appropriate insurance also for civil liability deriving from a defective product.

Despite the decidedly onerous rewards, many of these policies prove inadequate because they are generic and not interspersed in the productive reality that is proper to every business. For this reason, we put our knowledge at your disposal to review and evaluate together with you the suitability of your company insurance coverage.
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