From GOST to EAC Certification


Until 15/03/2015, to export and market products within the Russian Federation, it was sufficient to present the GOST Certificate to customs. The GOST Certification (GOST R for Russia and GOST K for Kazakhstan) was then replaced by the certification of the Eurasian Customs Union with the EAC mark.
The Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (RT UD) entered into force gradually starting from 2012; these regulations, similar to our European Union directives, provide for specific EAC compliance procedures. Depending on the case, the product is subject to EAC Declaration of Conformity or EAC Certificate of Conformity and must have the EAC marking.
Having obtained the EAC Certification, the product can freely circulate in the countries belonging to the Eurasian Economic Union EAEU consisting of 5 Member States: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.
A very new element is the figure of the authorized representative (also called Applicant or Representative of the foreign manufacturer). Responsibilities for the conformity of products manufactured in foreign countries must be assumed by a subject under Russian law (i.e. who resides in the territory of one of the countries of the Customs Union) called the Authorized Representative. Only the Authorized Representative can start and complete the procedures for issuing the EAC Declaration or the EAC Certificate and his name is present in both documents certifying the conformity of the product. This figure is mandatory, therefore the Italian or foreign manufacturer must appoint his Representative with a special contract. The Authorized representative is a very important figure in that, in addition to ensuring the conformity of the products that are placed on the territory of the Customs Union (responding criminally and civilly), he signs the EAC Declaration or the EAC Certificate, requires registration and interfaces with the Russian Authorities in case of alleged non-compliance.
Russian legislation provides that the cases of withdrawal and recall of the product are managed directly by the Authorized Representative, therefore it is essential, in the interest of the manufacturer, to contractually define precise obligations for the Representative.

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