Cloths and Shoes Certification

The decision of the Euro-Asian Commission, which came into force on July 1, 2018, concerns garments, footwear and textiles that fall within the scope of the Eurasian Regulations EAC - TR CU 017/2011 on the safety of industrial products textile and EAC - TR CU 007/2011 on the safety of products for children and adolescents. Before of this decision the procedure for obtaining Russian Certificates (the EAC Declaration or the EAC Certificate) was rather simple and quick for the manufacturer or distributor.
The new legislative measure provides for the mandatory test samples following which reports will be issued by the Russian laboratory. From 1st July clothing, accessories and footwear will have to undergo tests to verify the absence of dangerous or prohibited substances and, only in case of positive result, it will be possible to obtain the Certificate EAC or the EAC Declaration.
The new approach is too strict and serious; a lot of check and inspections are (concerning the presence of the EAC Certificate of the product, the correctness of the information on the label and the EAC Marking) carried out by the Russian customs and by the appointed inspectors.

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