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The NR 10 Brazil standard is a law adopted by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor (MTE) in June 1978, subjected of several revisions and updates, which regulates security in electrical installations and services.
Specifically, the NR 10 Brazil standard covers the phases of generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity, including the design, construction, assembly, operation and maintenance of electrical systems.
For all electrical interventions is necessary to perform the risk analysis, according to the Brazilian method HRN, and consequently to adopt suitable preventive measures for the reduction of risks.
However, as for the Brazilian NR 12 regulation, the NR 10 standard also contains mandatory provisions that fall exclusively on the employer, while others must be met by the machine manufacturer. For this reason, Brazilian NR 10 regulation is often mentioned by the Brazilian customer in the supply specifications: the machinery manufacturer shall satisfy only those requirements concerning machinery; the other requirements remain the sole responsibility of the employer.
To download the text updated to the latest revision of the NR 10 Brazil standard click here: nr-10-brazilian-standard-29-april-2016.pdf

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