NR 17 Certification for Brazil

NR 17 Brazilian standard “Ergonomics”  establishes the parameters for the adaptation of the work conditions to the characteristics of the workers in order to ensure safety and health. 

The NR 17 Brazilian standard or Norma Regulamentadora NR 17 forces employers to project and create workplaces that satisfy the ergonomics aspects and, in the same way, forces manufacturers to design and build machines in compliance with the same principles and requirements in order to preserve the psycho-physical integrity of the workers.

The Brazilian Norm NR 17 requires that the machines are designed and built in full compliance with the ergonomic requirements (considering for example noise emissions, vibrations, movement of the machine, its maintenance and cleaning, the control devices, etc), otherwise, the machinery cannot be considered compliant. 


NR 17 Technical Compliance during design

The key method is to work closely with manufacturers to develop ergonomic measures in accordance to NR 17 and the other Brazilian standards and prevent any problem of compliance on installation site. We support the manufacturer from the design phase, sharing the technical solutions with the CREA Brazilian Engineers responsible for Assessing and Certifying the conformity of the installed machine. With our services:
  • The manufacturer is supported from the design and construction phases
  • The technical choices are shared with the Brazilian Engineers responsible for NR 17 Certification
  • The machinery will comply with the requirements of Brazilian legislation even before being exported to Brazil

NR 17 Validation and Certification in Brasil

On installation site in Brazil is essential the role of Brasilian CREA Engineers: they have to search, identify, investigate and fully assess the functions and objects used by every professional in their workplace, as well as measure the impacts that the use, effort and rest interfere directly or indirectly employees in their routine job. The output of the process is the "Ergonomic Report of the operator station".

Our Brazilian engineers are legally qualified professionals authorized​ to provide the ergonomic Assessments and issue the relative Report for users and manufacturers in accordance to NR 17 Regulation. 

Ergonomic tests

In accordance to Brazilian Norm NR 17 and Techinals standards Brasilian CREA Engineers have to inspect and verify by tests the illumination and noise emission on the workplace to issue the Ergonomic Report of the operator station related to NR 17 Certification. 

Our Brazilian engineers are legally qualified professionals authorized​ to execute illumination and noise emission tests in accordance to NR 17 Regulations and brazilian Technical Standards.

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