Toys Certification for Russia and EAEU

EAC Certification procedure for children’s toys has been developed in order to ensure proper control over the quality and the safety of goods moving between the member states of the Customs Union.
Children’s toys must undergo the EAC Conformity assessment procedure and satisfy Technical Regulation safety requirements enforced before to be imported into the Eurasian Economic Union (consisting of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). The Technical Regulation TR CU 008/2011 "On safety of toys" sets out general requirements for the compliance, certification, marking, storage and disposal of children’s toys. According to the technical Regulation only EAC Certificate is necessary for toys, the EAC Declaration is not included. All toys listed in Attachment 1 don’t fall down to TR CU 008/2011, but for these products other regulations may be applicable. Following the list of toys excluded by the TR CU 008/2011:
  • Decorations for Christmas trees, artificial Christmas trees and their accessories, Christmas lights.
  • Scale collection models for children not under 14 years old.
  • Equipment for children's playgrounds.
  • Sports equipment, even underwater.
  • Folkloric and decorative dolls not intended for children under 14 years old.
  • Professional toys for general use installed in public places.
  • Slot machines.
  • Puzzles containing over 500 pieces.
  • Compressed air guns.
  • Catapults and throwers.
  • Bullets to be launched with metal points.
  • Transformers for power-supplied toys, chargers for rechargeable batteries, including those supplied with the toy’s.
  • Products containing heating elements and intended for use under adult supervision in educational process.
  • Vehicles with internal combustion engines intended for children under 14 years old.
  • Toy cars with steam engines.
  • General use bicycles intended for transportation on roads.
  • Games and toys operating at rated voltages above 24 V.
  • Exact copies of firearms.
  • Children's jewelry.
  • Swimming equipment.
  • Protective equipment (goggles, sunglasses, bicycle helmets, skateboard helmets).
  • Flying toys thrown by a child using rubber cable.
  • Arches for shooting, which length in a free state exceeds 1200 mm.
  • Sanitary latex, rubber and silicone elastomer products for children.
Each product must have the EAC marking and Russian language label as well as respecting precise mechanical, chemical, biological and documentary parameters.

EAC Certification is based on product samples delivery to a Russian accredited test laboratories,  as well on the analytical basis of the product technical documentation and positive test protocols provided by the accredited test laboratory. It is very important that all technical document is available in Russian language.

Our services

ENGAL Services assists companies in the EAC Certification process as the customer's sole interlocutor. Manufacturer is supported from the first phases of order management with both technical and documentary support, up to the completion of the product's EAC Certification.
We offer you:
  • Provision of the Applicant / Authorized russian representative
  • Execution of all the technical documentation which is necessary to export your product to Russia.
  • Review of the labels
  • Laboratory test on products
  • Registration of the EAC Certificate of conformity
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