NR 13 Certification for Brazil

The NR 13 Regulation on pressure vessels, boilers and pipes is a Brazilian mandatory standard which estabilishes the conditions for inspection and safety operations in order to ensure health and safety of workers which directly or indirectly, interact with installations under pressure.

All  pressure vessels, boilers and pipes exported to Brazil must comply with NR 13 Regulations.

NR 13 Technical Compliance during design

The key method is to work closely with manufacturers to design the equipments in accordance to NR 13 and the other Brazilian standards and prevent any problem of compliance on installation siteWe support the manufacturer from the design phase, sharing the technical solutions with the CREA Brazilian Engineers responsible for Assessing and Certifying the conformity of the installed equipment. With our services:
  • The manufacturer is supported from the design and construction phases
  • The technical choices are shared with the Brazilian Engineers responsible for NR 13 Certification
  • The machinery will comply with the requirements of Brazilian legislation even before being exported to Brazil 

NR 13 Validation and Certification in Brasil

After installation in Brazil is essential the role of Brasilian CREA Engineers: they have to inspect and validate the installations of equipments, check if the NR 13 requirements are satisfied and issue the:
  • Annotation of Technical Responsability A.R.T.
  • Inspection Technical Report
  • Safety Handbook
Our Brazilian engineers are legally qualified professionals authorized​ to provide the official Approval and Conformity Assessments for users and manufacturers in accordance to NR 13 Regulation.

Test of equipment and training in Brazil

In accordance to Brazilian Norm NR 13 and Techinals standards Brasilian CREA Engineers have to inspect and verify by test the equipment. We are able to perform on installation site in Brazil the following tests on boilers, pipes and pressure vessels:
  • Hydrostatic 
  • Penetrating liquid
  • Ultrasound
  • Inspection by Endoscopic Camera
In accordance to Brazilian Norm NR 13, workers must be trained on the safe use of the equipments under pressure. Training shall be provided by qualified personnel and supervised by a Brazilian authorized professional. 

Our Brazilian engineers are legally qualified professionals authorized to execute test and provide training in accordance to NR 13 Regulations and brazilian Technical Standard.
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