EAC Certification of cosmetics and perfums for Russia and EAEU

Cosmetics, make-up, perfumes and other beauty products must undergo the EAC Conformity assessment procedure and satisfy Technical Regulations and their safety requirements enforced before to be imported into the Eurasian Economic Union (consisting of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). The Technical Regulation TR CU 009/2011 "On safety of perfumery and cosmetic products" sets out the safety requirements and assessment procedures for EAC Certification of:
  • Perfumery products as:
    • Parfum
    • Eau De Parfum 
    • Eau De Toilette 
    • Eau De Cologne 
    • Eau Fraiche
  • Cosmetic products as:
    • Creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and oils 
    • Soaps, deodorant 
    • Hair products
    • Make-up products
This technical regulation TR CU 009/2011 does not apply to products intended to be ingested, inhaled, injected or implanted into the human body, the means for tattoo, applied in violation of the skin, as well as products used to diagnose and treat disease. Physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics, the composition, the consumer packaging’s and markings of perfume and cosmetic products must be in compliance with safety requirements foreseen by Technical Regulation TR CU 009/2011 and by the applicable technical standards. note.png 
Each product must have the EAC marking and Russian language label as well as respecting precise mechanical, chemical, biological and documentary parameters. Depending on the type of product, the EAC Certificate or the EAC Declaration may be required. note.png

For some products depending on the type and intended use, the State Registration Certificate may also be requested, which confirms the safety for health and certifies the compliance of the products with the hygiene-epidemiological regulations established in the territory of the Customs Union.

The Certification procedures provide for the sending of samples to the accredited Russian laboratory which, following the tests, draws up the test protocols. On the basis of the samples, the test reports (with a positive outcome of the tests) and the technical documentation (label) the EAC Declaration, EAC Certificate and/or the State Registration Certificate are registered and the product can pass the Russian customs without problems for be sold.

Our services

ENGAL Services assists companies in the Certification process as the customer's sole interlocutor. Manufacturer is supported from the first phases of order management with both technical and documentary support, up to the completion of the product's Certification.
We offer you:
  • Provision of the Applicant / Authorized russian representative
  • Execution of all the technical documentation which is necessary to export your product to Russia
  • Review of the labels
  • Laboratory test on products
  • Registration of the EAC Declaration or EAC Certificate of conformity ​ note.png
  • Registration of the State Registration Certificate


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