Household Appliance Certification for Russia and EAEU

The EAC Certification of conformity covers all household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners) and consumer electronics products (for example earphones, TVs, etc.) exported to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. These products are generally subject to the following technical regulations:
  • TR CU 004/2011 "On the safety of low voltage equipment"
  • TR CU 020/2011 "On electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices"
The EAC Certificate note.png and the EAC mark certifying that the product is in compliance with the technical safety requirements set by the applicable Technical Regulations (TR CU).
Household appliances, consumer electronics products and components equipped with network connection systems are subject to further regulations:
  • FAC - Russian Telecom Approval: the document attests compliance with the regulations adopted by the Russian Federal Communications Agency (FAC) of the device (hardware or software) that transmits data, voice or other through the connection with or without cable (for example Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc). Depending on the technical characteristics, the regulation on telecommunications and radio communication establishes that the product must be accompanied by the Telecom Certificate of Conformity or the Telecom Declaration of Conformity.
  • RFC Statement (or RFC Statement / Conclusion): is a mandatory document required for radios, high frequency devices and their components which certifies that the product respects the specific limits of frequencies and powers provided by the government center for RFC radio frequencies (Radio Frequency Center).
  • FSS - Federal Security Service notification: the document attests the compliance of devices equipped with cryptographic tools or means (eg AES, RSA, WPA) to the requirements established by the legislation. However, only the devices included in the list adopted by the relevant Russian Authority must have this document in order to be sold in the Eurasian territory (or example mobile phones, laptops, computers, servers, ...); for exempted devices, the exemption letter issued by the same accredited body is sufficient. The document allows the sale of the device in all the countries of the Eurasian Economic Custom Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia).

Our services

ENGAL Services assists companies in the Certification process as the customer's sole interlocutor. Manufacturer is supported from the first phases of order management with both technical and documentary support, up to the completion of the product's Certification.
We offer you:
  • Preparation and development of the technical documentation of the product
  • Test report
  • Service of Applicant / Representative of the foreign producer
  • Issuance and registration of the EAC Certificate and EAC Declaration
  • Issuance and registration of the FAC - Russian Telecom Approval
  • Issuance and registration of RFC Statement
  • Issuance and registration of FSS - Federal Security Service notification (FSB)


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