Ex Certification for Russia and EAEU

Electrical and non-electrical components, devices and equipment intended for use in explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres require the ATEX-Ex EAC Certificate note.png prescribed by the Russian Technical Regulation TR CU 012/2011 "On the safety of equipment for work in explosive environments ".

The global regulation on ATEX equipment is defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Russia has shared its approach. For this reason, if the equipment is already ATEX/IEC Ex Certified, the requirements foreseen by the TR CU 012/2011 will be intrinsically met, consequently the equipment will be able to successfully obtain the Ex EAC Certification foreseen by Russian legislation. Conversion remains necessary, the presence of the International Certificate is not sufficient to export the equipment in the Eurasian Custom Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia), but it is mandatory to obtain the Russian EAC Certificate of conformity for Ex-proof equipment.
The Technical Regulation TR CU 012/2011 establishes that explosion-proof equipment always falls under the Ex-proof EAC Certificate; in order to obtain the Atex EAC Certificate it is necessary to perform specific tests on the components or on the equipment, to examine the manufacturing procedures, to inspect the production plant and process the technical documentation in Russian language.
The conformity marking consisting of the EAC and Ex symbols as shown below:


label-eac-mark-white.png           ex-white.png

The following products are excluded from the Ex EAC Certification:


  • Products for medical use
  • Equipment whose operations at risk of explosion are due to the presence of explosives or unstable chemicals
  • Equipment for domestic and non-industrial use for use in environments where the explosive atmosphere is formed as a result of accidental leakage of flammable gas
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Ships (from river, lake and sea), mobile platforms and drilling platforms and other floating structures as well as those used within them
  • Vehicles for the transport of passengers and goods in the air, on land, on rail and in water
  • Organizations for nuclear weapons research and nuclear defense complexes except in their equipment located in potentially explosive areas

Our services

We assists companies in the process of Ex proof equipment EAC Certification. ENGAL Services is the sole interlocutor of the customer and guide you through every step of Atex EAC Certification process expected by TR CU 012/2011.
We provide the following services:
  • Preliminary audit to correctly define the EAC Certification process
  • Preparation and development of the technical documentation of the product
  • Supporting the Russian technician during factory inspection
  • Test report
  • Service of Applicant / Representative of the foreign producer note.png
  • Issue and registration of the ATEX-Ex proof EAC Certificate
  • Follow-up service for the maintenance of the Ex proof Certificate
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